lys to the zoo

Have you noticed i’m really stupid when i make new posts… well be glad about that… the more stupid they are the more happy i am.

Since real bloggers come out with lots of different photo poses i’ve figured out mine… it’s the frog pose! I don’t think i’ll have many followers but at least i’ll laugh myself sick taking pictures!

Love, LYS

ink shoes

Hi fellas,

i wanted to show you a super cute shoe collection we have in our showroom. Its name is Ink Shoes and it is an italian brand whose production is kept within the Marche – region of central Italy – the heart of the Italian footwear history.

You find more infos on

What do you think about them?

I love their vintage look and their strong taste of leather. If you think they’re compy you’re perfectly right!

See ya soon!

Love, LYS

last week’s outfit

Hi fellas!

What’s up?? It’s been a busy week as always, my work at the showroom has nearly reached its end and i’m starvin for some holiday!

I haven’t had much time to take pics but i’m preparing lots of funny stuff for you! Above you can find one simple outfit i wore last week. I tried to dress my hair in a different way, what do you think about it?

See ya soon… hopefully!


talkin about shades

Hi fellallallallasss


Today just a quick post to show you one of my favs sunglasses! I’m talking about my boyfrind’s Panama sunglasses by retro super future! The size, the shape, the style… everything about them is perfect! Unfortunately they’re not mine, i keep stealin them from Phonz! :)

Love, LYS


strange faces on a friday night

Don’t ask me what? when? where?

Just watch and enjoy the party!

Ps got new hair extensions yesterday! i felt like Pamela Anderson for one night! But i think this kind of porn like hairstyle is not exactly an everyday hairdo i would go for! :)

I should admit that i loooooooooove trying this kind of things hahahah

annoyed by a stupid guy

Here we are again fellas with a day outfit post! I wanted to take some cool pics at the park with Phonzy but there was a guy that seemed so interested in what i was doing that i changed my mind. I’m quite a shy person, at least some things (like taking photos) embarras me a lot. Having this dark presence at my back peeking at me all the time annoyed me to such a degree that i ran away! hahahah

Maybe i should change location… the park can give unpleasent surprises!

Have a nice friday night… let’s start this fuckin weekend! Yo!


HEY there!!! What’s up fellas! Here you have a very simple but cute outfit styled by my sis Tiz! Took a few pics of her last weekend! Enjoy this super hot blondie!

Love, LYS