totally in love

If i had 585,00 € to spend right know these would be the shoes I’d buy!

I’m totally in love with these Alberto Fasciani ankle boots and if they were realized in black i’d die for them! As far as i’m concerned these shoes have the perfect shape, the perfect heel and the perfect style ever!

I think i could wear them every single day without getting tired!

A pity i’m a poor girl fighting with all my shopping desires!

it’s all about denim baby

Hi my sweet fellas!

What’s up??? I’ve been following my man Phonz in Firenze this weekend. He and his working partner Daniele had a party in a nice club called Babilon… It’s been a party-hard night for all of us and we had so much fun! Before heading to Firenze i had the time to drop in my favourite second hand shop here in Parma and i found this beautiful denim jacket which i intend to wear as much as i can this sprig!

I still haven’t recovered from the weekend so i asked Tiz to model for me! This bitch works the jacket very well! :)