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I'm a 24 year old girl, living life between Milan and Parma.

wedding party outfit

Hi fellas,

last weekend i went to a wedding party in Cesenatico. A couple of frinds just got married and we had an amazing evening dancing, dj setting, drinking, singing, taking pics and most of all laughing!

This was my outfit for the night! The flower prints jacket has a zip on the back of it while the skirt is high waisted. I usually don’t like to be too much elegant or formal and this outfit was the best i could choose. I’m totally satisfied with this new purchases from h&m!

new in my beautycase

Hi fellas!

Here you have my latest beauty purchases! I love wearing bronzing powder to contour the shape of my face and usually I put a light touch of blush on my cheeks to brighten up the color of my skin.

Another thing i do care a lot is the moisturising cream. I’ve tried lots of them but this one from lancome is absolutely amazing! The texture, the scent and the result on my skin is faboulous. It isn’t oily at all and i’d recommend it to every girl!

yesterday’s outfit

Hi fellas,

waht’s up??? Yesterday i went out to do some shopping… i really must stop! I’m drying up my finances and this is worrying me a bit…!

In the evening Phonz and I had dinner with out friends Marco & Sinsi; they live in a wonderful loft which is provided with a super nice terrace. I envy them so much!!!!!!! The terrace is perfect for the summer dinners!

While i wonder on beautiful houses and terraces and penthouses i say bye for now!

Love, LYS

wynna wedges

Hey fellas, what’s up?? I had a super full weekend, working and having fun. I was disapponted by the fact i left my camera in Parma this week.. I had to show you something special.

Maybe you’ll have to wait for the outfit posts, although i’m trying to find another photocamera to take some pics!

How’s it going to you? I received this pair of wedges i ordered the other week from topshop. I have to admit i’ve had a kind of obsessive addiction to these platform sandals and to my surprise i’ve ended up buying them… a pair of GLITTER WEDGES! If someboby told me i was going to buy anything made of glitter last year i’d have laughed at his face. But things have changed i guess :) I adore every sparkling glitter on my new shoes!

Love, LYS

thanks 55dsl <3 thanks Pisa :)

Here i am fellas ready to show you what kind of surprise i foud today !

Today i received a pack from my friend Pisa who works for 55 DSL!!! And you can’t imagine who many beautiful gifts i found in it!!!! I’ll show you the content of the pack in the future posts, so keep following and watch out for them!


summer headbands

Mornin fellas!

Yesterday i got the amazing headband with feathers by h&m fashion against aids collection! I love headbands but they usually don’t look very good on me. The two above are the only exceptions!

That’s why i think i’m going to wear them through summer, matched with maxi skirts, printed tops, fringed clothes.. I’m feelin very bohemian lately!

double me


This is a preview of my outfits for the h&m tops i showed you!

I’m totally in love with them, and the fabric is do smooth and comfy! I think i’ll wear them all summer long!

Bye the way… DoeSn’t anybody want to take me to she seaside?!?!?!?



outfit time

Hi fellas,

i’m just in time for a quick outfit post! I got these hm white shorts from the conscious collection the other day and finally the weather is allowing me to wear them.

I really like the shorts + tshirt + blazer combo especially if i can enrich it with nice accessories such as a beautiful belt or a hat. I usually don’t wear jewellery! I was never used to and the thing annoies me a bit, but everytime i tried to put on a ring or a necklace i’ve always lost them, so i gave up!

In the backgroud you can see one of my rooms wall. Phonz and I have tried to fill it with lots of pictures. Do you like it?

Bye for now!

Love, LYS