top of the crop

Do you think i kinda became obsessed by crop tops? Maaaaaaaayyybe just a little bit. But you can’t deny this is the top of the crop!

I think i’m wearing it tonight! So just hope i’ll have the chance to snap a total outfit pic!

What’s the brand of this lovely top? 55 dsl ladies!

By the way… sorry for my face… I’m not much into make up today

Love, LYS

wildfox-ed bottoms

There’s no need to say how badly i’ve fallen in love with the wildfox coutore collection.

My fav pieces are the bottoms! I may sound repetitive, but the ones above are so fuckin cool! And this girls know exactly how to turn on their charm!

if i had the money #1

Since i can’t take lots of pics these days fellas i have to compensate some way.. so here is one of what i hope will be many collages that include items i’d really like to have and style together… As you can see this is not what i call an affordable set of items but there’s nothing wrong with some daydreamin :)

You can shop the items in the fab net-a-porter shop.

diane… oh diane

If you are searching for some beauty in this world then you just have to take a look at this fashion queen. Always amazingly perfect and each day more beautiful Diane is one of my favourite blondies without any doubt! I’d give anything for a bit of her good taste and it’s incredible how she surprises me everytime her pics come to my hand.

close up

Hi fellas,

here you hava a close up on my new tshirt from 55 dsl. This is the one of the coolest tshirts i’ve ever had. Not only i’m in love with the prints, but its material is so smooth on the skin. I’m thinkin about millions of different ways of wearin it! Don’t worry, the complete outfit is coming soon, but since i have to go back in Parma this weekend and time is running you’ll have to wait till tomorrow!

Have a super hot friday night!

lys with 55dsl

Sorry everybody for my absence lately! I have no excuses except from the fact that taking all my outfit pictures by myself isn’t that easy and lately i’ve been doing some work… Plus here in Milan the weather hasn’t been that kind in the past weeks, i’m still fighting with some rain so you’ll have to be content with these indoors pics.

Just to match with the cold weather i’ve decided to go for a comfy outfit pairing my new leggins from 55 dsl with this oversized sweater from eequal i bought with winter. Even if i don’t show you lots of sporty outfits i like wearing sweaters and leggins a lot! And this ones from 55 dsl are definetly my favoutite!

Hope to post as soon as possible!

Love, LYS