top of the crop

Do you think i kinda became obsessed by crop tops? Maaaaaaaayyybe just a little bit. But you can’t deny this is the top of the crop!

I think i’m wearing it tonight! So just hope i’ll have the chance to snap a total outfit pic!

What’s the brand of this lovely top? 55 dsl ladies!

By the way… sorry for my face… I’m not much into make up today

Love, LYS

wildfox-ed bottoms

There’s no need to say how badly i’ve fallen in love with the wildfox coutore collection.

My fav pieces are the bottoms! I may sound repetitive, but the ones above are so fuckin cool! And this girls know exactly how to turn on their charm!

if i had the money #1

Since i can’t take lots of pics these days fellas i have to compensate some way.. so here is one of what i hope will be many collages that include items i’d really like to have and style together… As you can see this is not what i call an affordable set of items but there’s nothing wrong with some daydreamin :)

You can shop the items in the fab net-a-porter shop.

diane… oh diane

If you are searching for some beauty in this world then you just have to take a look at this fashion queen. Always amazingly perfect and each day more beautiful Diane is one of my favourite blondies without any doubt! I’d give anything for a bit of her good taste and it’s incredible how she surprises me everytime her pics come to my hand.

yesterday’s outfit

Hi fellas,

waht’s up??? Yesterday i went out to do some shopping… i really must stop! I’m drying up my finances and this is worrying me a bit…!

In the evening Phonz and I had dinner with out friends Marco & Sinsi; they live in a wonderful loft which is provided with a super nice terrace. I envy them so much!!!!!!! The terrace is perfect for the summer dinners!

While i wonder on beautiful houses and terraces and penthouses i say bye for now!

Love, LYS

outfit time

Hi fellas,

i’m just in time for a quick outfit post! I got these hm white shorts from the conscious collection the other day and finally the weather is allowing me to wear them.

I really like the shorts + tshirt + blazer combo especially if i can enrich it with nice accessories such as a beautiful belt or a hat. I usually don’t wear jewellery! I was never used to and the thing annoies me a bit, but everytime i tried to put on a ring or a necklace i’ve always lost them, so i gave up!

In the backgroud you can see one of my rooms wall. Phonz and I have tried to fill it with lots of pictures. Do you like it?

Bye for now!

Love, LYS

New in

Days are getting brighter and brighter while i wait for summer days to come! And as i dream about seasides and palms and white sand i got my first new bikinies from hm!

I’ve got to do something with skin color… Am white as milk… That isn’t sexy at!

Love, LYS



totally in love

If i had 585,00 € to spend right know these would be the shoes I’d buy!

I’m totally in love with these Alberto Fasciani ankle boots and if they were realized in black i’d die for them! As far as i’m concerned these shoes have the perfect shape, the perfect heel and the perfect style ever!

I think i could wear them every single day without getting tired!

A pity i’m a poor girl fighting with all my shopping desires!

ink shoes

Hi fellas,

i wanted to show you a super cute shoe collection we have in our showroom. Its name is Ink Shoes and it is an italian brand whose production is kept within the Marche – region of central Italy – the heart of the Italian footwear history.

You find more infos on

What do you think about them?

I love their vintage look and their strong taste of leather. If you think they’re compy you’re perfectly right!

See ya soon!

Love, LYS