Phonz Says Black Party in Firenze

Remember when i told you i went in Firenze to the Phonz Says Black party a weekend or two ago? These are some of the pics of the evening :)

We had some fun fellas :P

Find the rest of them here


HEY there!!! What’s up fellas! Here you have a very simple but cute outfit styled by my sis Tiz! Took a few pics of her last weekend! Enjoy this super hot blondie!

Love, LYS

SEEK with LYS – day 1

Soooooooo, here i am with the first diary post of my journey in Berlin.

Yesterday was great, the tradeshow is amazing: lot of beautiful people, creative designers, delicious food, great music and a fuckin nice atmosphere.

Lookin forward to make other pictures and show you everything as soon as possible.

Love, LYS

Me wearin PSB




Photo credit: Giulia Donnini

Hey ya fellas!!!
How’s it going?
I’ve just received a couple of pics my friend Giulia donnini shooted during the pitti trade show.
I’m wearin a super rocking Phonz Says Black blazer from their new collection!!
How do you find it?
Here in berlin things are exciting. Promise i’ll show you something more as soon as possible!

P.s. You find Giulia here:



berlinize me!!

Fellas, here i am, doin a super quick post after a hole night drive to get to Berlin.

We arrived early this mornin and went to the seek exhibition building to organize the Phonz Says Black stand, which is sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooolllllllll!  I must admit i’m exhausted right now and i had the chance to show you just a glimpse of yesterday’s outfit. But don’t worry, i’ll try to take as many pictures as i can, and sure i’ll post them when i’ll be back home.

Here it is a preview of the seek building seen from our floor…

Love, LYS

pitti with LYS – day 2

Hello hello hello!!!

Here are some pics of day n°2 of our journey in Firenze. Unfortunately i’m not a great photographer so you have to forgive me for the selection of photos i’ve chosen. They are the best i could find!

Have a good sunday fellas.

I think i’ll spend my time packing my suitcase again… More travelling for Laugh Yourself Sick!

I just can’t wait… lots of love and kisses by then!