it’s all about denim baby

Hi my sweet fellas!

What’s up??? I’ve been following my man Phonz in Firenze this weekend. He and his working partner Daniele had a party in a nice club called Babilon… It’s been a party-hard night for all of us and we had so much fun! Before heading to Firenze i had the time to drop in my favourite second hand shop here in Parma and i found this beautiful denim jacket which i intend to wear as much as i can this sprig!

I still haven’t recovered from the weekend so i asked Tiz to model for me! This bitch works the jacket very well! :)

strange faces on a friday night

Don’t ask me what? when? where?

Just watch and enjoy the party!

Ps got new hair extensions yesterday! i felt like Pamela Anderson for one night! But i think this kind of porn like hairstyle is not exactly an everyday hairdo i would go for! :)

I should admit that i loooooooooove trying this kind of things hahahah


HEY there!!! What’s up fellas! Here you have a very simple but cute outfit styled by my sis Tiz! Took a few pics of her last weekend! Enjoy this super hot blondie!

Love, LYS

just another night out

Mornin fellas!

It’s been a rude awakenin this mornin for me and my sis. Party too much last night? Maybe!

Here you fave some pics of the nice evening we had at the Apartment, a place where some friends of us do some dj set.

Since i have no pics of my outfit i’ll try to do some pics of the clothes i had on! See ya later!

Love, LYS

light colors saturday


After a hole weel feelin like shit, finally i start feeling better. Halleluja!

Today i had some shopping at zara (the pants and the sweater are my new purchases) and went also to the hairdresser. Tonight i WANNA GO OUT! I can’t stand another day trapped inside my house’s  wall.

My face is still in a very bad condition so i won’t torture you with awful close ups.

Have a wonderful night out fellas.

Love, LYS